Spéciale rentrée scolaire originale

Original USB Keys

Clé USB voiture


Original USB Keys

Clé USB Liège 8Go


Original USB Keys

8GB Banana USB Key


Original USB Keys

Clé USB Licorne 8Go


Allez à la découverte du monde

Original Terrestrial Globe

Globe Terrestre Mova


Original Terrestrial Globe

Globe Magnet 25 cm


Original Terrestrial Globe

Globe Terrestre à Gratter


Original Terrestrial Globe

Planète en lévitation et son socle bois


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💡 to learn a little more...

What is the difference between the Yatu.fr market place and the other market places?

In both cases, we allow you to sell online. But the comparison stops there. Indeed, at Yatu.fr we specialize in local shops and creators. We only accept traders with physical shops that can accommodate customers.

What do we sell on yatu.fr?

On yatu.fr, we sell everything, we allow local traders to register and propose decoration, ready-to-wear, gift cards, optics, high-tech, fine grocery, designer products etc... Our role is to facilitate the linking between you and the local traders.

What guarantees you that the product comes from a local business?

The geolocation of the products, the card of the trader, the access to his contact information and our customer opinions. In case of a problem on a purchase, you can contact the trader directly to get more information about the status of your order or find the best solution. Consider using 😎 Chat

How do I contact Yatu.fr Customer service to open an online store?

Write and ask your questions at this Address or contact us on Facebook.

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